RBS Drone Technologies, Inc.

The Mission:

RBS Drone Technologies, Inc. provides a wide variety of cutting-edge drone technology services to individuals, companies, and not-for-profit groups; including but not limited to: private and public organizations, utility companies, and much more.

Our primary focus is to provide high-quality services in the areas of training and maintenance in: aerial photography, construction-site inspection, real estate, automobile dealerships, and maritime photography; to include reducing the cost for maintenance to those companies that wish such service. We train your employees to become licensed drone pilots.


Flying a Drone

We want to train you on how to fly a drone safely.

Whether you’re flying for fun or to make money…it’s fun. Anyone can learn with practice, just know the rules (for commercial work, an FAA License / Certification is required); proper maintenance is a must for safe operation.

Whether it’s becoming a recreational Drone pilot, an F.A.A. licensed commercial sUAS pilot, drone maintenance, or if you’re simply an interested hobbyist, RBS Drone Technologies, Inc. has you covered.

-Get ready to fly with RBS Part 107 Drone License Certification Training!

Learn how to fly your drone now!