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Full Day 8 Hour Class, plus 2 hours of hands-on training.

For everyone's health and safety, all training is now one-on-one to allow for social distancing. Once you have signed up and paid the registration fee, the instructor will coordinate location and details to suit your needs. Call with questions, 888.316.8889.

Why Train to be a Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot?


Unlimited Income Potential

Build your own business! Hire yourself as a photographer or videographer to capture inspections for hard to reach locations, create portfolios for real estate developments, create memories at weddings, document special events and more.

RBS Drone Tech trains you or your employees to become licensed drone pilots.

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Grow your business.

We train your employees to become licensed drone pilots. Perfect for aerial photography, construction-site inspection, real estate, automobile dealerships, maritime photography, security and more. Reduce your maintenance costs with drone inspections; create dynamic images to market your business on demand with an on-staff drone pilot.

And… It’s the law.

Get started on the right track! Anyone using a drone for commercial purposes (aka to make money) is required to have a Part 107 FAA Commercial Drone Pilot’s license.

Gain the RBS Drone Tech Advantage

  • The most personal, custom-tailored training you can find.
  • Our students have a 100% first-time pass-rate.
  • RBS Drone Technologies is a 100% African American Owned Business. Our founders and instructors are pilots, US Military Veterans, former Law-Enforcement officers and legacy members and leaders of the DODO Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen.
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FAA Part 107 Training

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Hands-On Drone Training

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