5 Women Drone Pilots

5 Inspiring Women Closing the Drone Pilot Gender Gap

Did you know that only 7.2% of FAA certified drone pilots in the US are women?* That’s actually slightly higher than the 7% of female airplane pilots**. And it’s way lower than the 38.6% of women who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM major in 2020. Any way you look at it, there’s…


Drones for Law Enforcement: Balancing Public Safety and Community Trust

Police departments face similar issues as many other industries in terms of operational efficiency. That’s why many departments across the US are exploring drones use to assist with their work. Drone integration could help law enforcement agencies with everything from search-and-rescue missions to crime scene documentation, traffic accident investigations, disaster relief efforts and more. Drones…

drone pilot business

Why now is the right time to start your drone pilot business

What’s the best time to start your own drone business? Right now! In April the FAA released new regulations that expanded when, where and how drones could be flown—including over people and vehicles and at night–expanding the opportunities for drone deliveries and other commercial uses for drones. Drones are already being used by public safety,…


International Young Eagles Day

Young Eagles Rally Bessie Coleman 100 Year Anniversary Chicago Crossroads Corvette Club Car Show Drone Demonstrations Please join RBS Drone Technologies, Inc., The Tuskegee Airmen Chicago “DODO” Chapter, and the Chicago Crossroads Corvette Foundation (CCCC) on for the International Young Eagles Day at Bult Field (C56) on Saturday, June 12 at 9:00 am. The program…

Drone Pilot on Team

3 Reasons to Have a Trained Drone Pilot on Your Team

Did you know that the commercial drone services market is expected to reach $6.74 billion by 2026? As we continue to see — and as 2020 has proven to us — drones can play a vital role in nearly every industry, including healthcare, roofing, construction, real estate, agriculture, and more. If you’re a business owner, now…

Santa Claus with Drone

The Perfect Gift to Go with that New Drone

Know someone who is getting a drone for the holidays this year? Drones are fun for recreation and a great investment to start a business. But knowing HOW TO FLY a drone is critical to prevent an early crash of a valuable piece of equipment. The solution? A Gift Certificate! Give a gift certificate for…


Current and Future Aviation Industry Leaders

    In October we talked about one of the most recent developments in drone delivery –figuring out the last mile. Turns out a Chicago neighbor, Valqari was leading the way with their patented universal drone delivery infrastructure. That news was quite impressive including for Sean Littleton Jr.   Sean is a junior at Gwendolyn…


Drone Delivery Driving Need for Commercial Drone Pilots

Data published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2018 projected that the industry would jump from more than 110,000 commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in 2017 to 450,000 in by 2022. Based on its 2018 forecast, regulators expected there would be about 300,000 new pilots needed for the remote aerial vehicles. However, it looks like…