Drone Delivery Driving Need for Commercial Drone Pilots

Data published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2018 projected that the industry would jump from more than 110,000 commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in 2017 to 450,000 in by 2022. Based on its 2018 forecast, regulators expected there would be about 300,000 new pilots needed for the remote aerial vehicles. However, it looks like…


Socially Distanced Drone Pilot License Training

Your Future is Back On! Socially Distanced Drone Pilot License Training From temperature taking to touchless delivery of food and emergency medical supplies, drones have continued to prove their value during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyday uses for drones continue to grow around the globe. In the US, the FAA continues to evolve the rules and…


How to Start a Drone Business Even if You’re a Teen 

Think you’re too young to start a business? Think again.    Did you know that you only need to be 16 to get yourself a drone pilot’s license and start your very own drone biz? Yes, you read that right!   Put “being famous on the Internet” to good use by promoting your business and…


What did the Rain do to Your Roof?

Ditch the Ladder for Safe Roof Inspections by Drone April showers bring May flowers — and by June…roof damage!   A roof inspection is something that every property owner will have to do at one point or another, including for assessing the value of a property, estimating repair costs, determining the level of wear-and-tear over…


Drone Maintenance: How to Care for Your Drone 

You’ve got a brand-new drone. Congratulations! And with spring finally arriving you can wait to get out to fly free the fresh air.   Picking the right drone for you and learning how to operate it safely and securely is a strong start to your career as a licensed commercial drone pilot. Maintaining your drone…

RBS Drone Delivery

8 Ways Drones Can Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Until recently, drones had been viewed primarily as either weapons or toys — something to either not be trusted or not be taken seriously. But the industry is rapidly changing and today we continue to see an increasing number of valuable uses for drones in both business and personal life.   The practical uses for…

Youth Drone Pilots

“Sponsor a Student” Youth Aviation Program

Helps Kids Take Flight Through the RBS “Sponsor a Student” Youth Aviation Program “Isn’t it amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.” -Harry S. Truman That is RBS Drone Technologies, Inc. Principal Ken Rapier’s favorite quote, and one he likes to use to set the tone for meetings. As…


New! RBS Drone Tech Launches Monthly e-News

  RBS Drone Technologies, Inc. started off the new year with a new newsletter. Monthly articles will focus on trends in jobs for licensed drone pilots, how to build your own drone business as an entrepreneur, upcoming training dates and more! Read the January edition here.  Sign up to receive the e-news directly in your…

Ehang Drone Taxi

RBS Drone Technologies Shares Expertise in Grand Magazine

  George Jetson meet EHang 184. Getting around in an “Autonomous Aerial Vehicle” (AAV) was part of the Jetson’s daily routine in the 1960’s cartoon that envisioned the family of the future.  The future has finally caught up, with the new drone passenger taxis from EHang in use under a pilot program in Guangzhou, China today. Drones…

Drone Business

How to Start a Drone Business in Illinois

  At RBS Drone Technologies, we see having a Commercial Drone Pilot’s License as an investment in yourself. It is a great first step to becoming an entrepreneur. Owning your own business and making money from it is about finding a service you can provide that people will pay for. You define your offerings, decide…