Drone Business

How to Start a Drone Business in Illinois

  At RBS Drone Technologies, we see having a Commercial Drone Pilot’s License as an investment in yourself. It is a great first step to becoming an entrepreneur. Owning your own business and making money from it is about finding a service you can provide that people will pay for. You define your offerings, decide…

Drone Pilot

Drone Jobs in Action Today

Drones continue to get safer and easier to fly every day, with things like obstacle detection and collision avoidance sensors and even more precise GPS. Sure, there are “futuristic” sounding things link Drone Taxis being piloted in China and drone delivery here in the US. But are also plenty of uses for drones in the…

Drone Inspections

The Benefits of Using Drones in Inspections

Especially for Hard to Reach Locations Once only associated with CIA secret missions or in the hands of the uber-wealthy, drones have become increasingly accessible in recent years. In fact, according to CompTIA, the drone industry is set to grow to a whopping $43.1 billion by 2024 from $14.1 billion in 2018. This increased use…

Cruise Ships and Drones

Maritime Use of Drones

  External ship inspections and oversight of maritime special events is easy with the use of drones. By adopting drones, the maritime industry can revolutionize previously costly, time-consuming and dangerous operations. Plus, drone use can improve the quality of data captured. Drones for Effective Maritime Strategy Maritime companies have formulated strategic plans to include drone…

Drones for Windmill Inspection

Drones for Easily Accessible Utilities

  The use of drone technology is extensive and highly varied in the utilities industry. This technology is the most cutting-edge available today for above-ground power line surveying, ground level pipeline inspection and windmill analysis. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can reduce costs while providing quicker and more frequent inspections. This equipment gives reviewers the safety…

Police Drones

Drones: An Indispensable Tool for Public Safety

Drones provide tremendous benefits and dividends for public safety. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) offer quick views of damaged structures or disaster areas, making response faster and saving lives. How Firefighters and Police Departments Use Drones for Public Safety Firefighters and search-and-rescue personnel can glean the data necessary to save lives of both citizens and first-responders, while…