Drone Program for Youths: Preparing for Jobs of the Future


The good news for high school students with an entrepreneurial spirit is, you only have to be 16 to take the exam to get your commercial drone pilots license. While it takes classroom training to prepare for the FAA Pat 107 exam and to learn safety and rules of flying, “Video game playing is great preparation for being a drone pilot,” says Ken Rapier, Co-Founder of RBS Drone Technologies, Inc.


Extracurricular programs are in many cases hindered by costs and design, meaning our youth cannot position themselves to access the tools they need in order to compete in today’s workforce. As drones are one of the up and coming focuses in the field of aeronautics, RBS has developed a youth program to address this gap.  “It’s one way to give students a marketable set of skills they can take with them after they graduate from high school and beyond,” says Ken.


Sponsor a Chicago Student Today


Through the RBS “Sponsor-a-Student” program, in partnership with the Tuskegee Airmen Chicago “DODO” Chapter, students can get the financial support they may need to become a professional drone operator.


For $675, you can sponsor a student’s training, supplies, and exam fee. This will cover all costs for training: $175 for the FAA Part 107 exam at an official FAA Testing Center and $500 for instruction and supplies.


The training program includes 8 hours of coursework and 2 hours of hands-on training with a drone, along with assistance to become certified as a drone pilot including preparation to take the exam for certification and access for past students to review coursework.


Qualifications for the sponsorship program include: 


For Youth:


  1. Youth must be between the ages of 16 to 21.
  2. Must be willing to arrange time for coursework.
  3. Must provide time and attendance for both coursework and hands-on training.
  4. Must be willing to take the 107 Drone Certification Examination.
  5. Must have a letter of recommendations from a classroom teacher, counselor and/or principal at school or other community leader.


For Sponsors:

  1. Sponsors may select a youth that meets the qualification for the Program, or we can identify a student for you.
  2. Will financially support the $675 cost of the program. ($500 for training, and $175 testing fee required by FAA certified testing centers.)
  3. Will accept recognition of his/her support of the program.


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Read more about the Youth Drone Aviation program here.